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I help women close the gaps from strategy to results and crack the code to scaling, ease, and profit

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Stop leaving money on the table.

It's not tough to make money on Clubhouse but too many people are losing money for 1 reason:

Not being ready to make the most of the hundreds of new connections you're making.

All those powerful, raw, authentic connections, all that opportunity... lost.

That's why I'm giving you a simple 10-step funnel strategy that you can use on ANY platform.

The Clubhouse Funnel Strategy Checklist

10 Steps to Better ROI


You Are An Expert.

You know your industry like the back of your hand.

No one knows your ideal like you. 

As a coach or service provider, your ability to serve and transform your clients isn’t keeping you from cracking the code to profit and ease.

How you're putting that ability into action as a business is what's holding you back.

That’s why at a certain point you realize all the downloads and podcasts and millionaire strategies won’t help you build the business you want.

  • The business that serves your Why and makes your vision a reality.
  • The business that makes an impact on the world.
  • The business that lets you build the life you want with predictable income, ease, and fulfillment.

You need to implement systems that will keep your company running like a well oiled machine if you want to achieve that goal.

You must be ready to take full control of the business you build.
You're smart enough to know doing better business means doing business better.

Are you ready to create your future and forge your own clear path?

I'm here to help you

I'm Jeanne Francis, a business architect.

I've been building and optimizing companies large and small from the inside out since 1998. I help you close the gaps between your strategy and your results.

Together we demystify how to build a framework of systems, processes, and tools that replaces your uncertainty and overwhelm.

We design and build the pieces of your business so they work together to bring you qualified clients that convert to sales and become long-term buyers.

When your business is healthy and running well, you can focus on the key parts of your mission and vision only you can do.



Working With Me


A week of 1:1 intensive strategy sessions to defeat shiny objects and make progress right now. This is how you trade "I don't know where to start" for confidence and results.

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3 months of 1:1 support to create the unique processes your business needs to succeed. This is where we put all the pieces together and banish uncertainty once and for all.

Available Q2 2021


3 months of 1:1 support learning to scale through delegation. Prepare your business for outsourcing with me, including documenting SOPs, preparing a delegation plan, and ensuring it works with your budget. You'll work with a vetted, experienced Hustle Smarter VA to help you get the legwork done and have the option to continue with them as your extra pair of hands.

Available Q2 2021

What My Clients Say

Why Women Business Builders?

My goal is to help you stop the overwhelm, avoid the shiny pennies, quiet the imposter syndrome, and start feeling like a boss who knows what they're doing, why it matters, and how they’ll make it happen.
I'm a problem solver. I grew up in the ladder-climbing world of 90's corporate and over the past 20+ years I've learned what works and what doesn't and why. 
I specialize in performance management, organizational development, and marketing strategy. In other words: Getting people, businesses, and customers all on the same page and happy together.
I'm on a mission to fill the world with successful women-led businesses by unleashing the potential of confident, purpose-driven entrepreneurs.
We're not asking for a seat at the table. We're building the table.

Is your business ready for change?

Entrepreneurs eat fear and uncertainty for breakfast. It's in our nature to push limits and do the "impossible". Let me help you believe in yourself, that YOU are capable of working through any challenge. I’ve broken it all down and given away my best secrets to business-building.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. That's why you need a community.

When we rise together, the impact of women in business is a mighty force for change. We're building a community to redefine how business-builders women network and collaborate in a non-competitive space with the goal of fostering innovation and global impact.

Through learning, connection, support, and opportunity, our goal is to help you make the most of being an entrepreneurial woman. We're building a space for women who build businesses to connect and collaborate with the common goal of doing business better together.

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