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It's not tough to make money on Clubhouse but too many people are losing money for 1 reason:

Not being ready to make the most of the hundreds of new connections you're making.

All those powerful, raw, authentic connections, all that opportunity... lost.

That's why I'm giving you a simple 10-step funnel strategy that you can use on ANY platform.

The Clubhouse Funnel Strategy Checklist

Funnels aren't complicated. They're just a roadmap. Download this 10 step funnel strategy checklist to see how easy it is to start getting better ROI on all your networks.

Are you ready to put a system and structure in place that makes your revenue growth inevitable?


  • A B2B woman coach or service provider, like social media manager, OBM, marketer, sales pro or similar business builder near or just above six-figures
  • Stuck doing everything in your business, not getting results you can repeat, and struggling to present yourself as the expert that you are
  • Putting more and more on your plate because hard work equals profit, right?


  • A team of virtual B2B women entrepreneurs who are passionate about women-led business
  • Unleashing your skills using proven internal business development tools & resources so you can stop looking for miracles in shiny-object downloads.
  • Helping you navigate a digital business to increase your profits online. We've been at this a long time and we’ve gathered all of the resources that you need to succeed in yours

We help you sharpen your skills, grow your income + drive your business forward

We offer resources wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey:
The Startup who is ready to learn, The Maven who is ready to grow, and The Thought Leader who is ready to shine

Learn, Connect, & Lead

Education and next-level networking for women business builders. Connect with women who speak your language. Learn and share your expertise to grow your audience and influence.

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Plan, Build, & Scale

Work 1-on-1 with Business Architect Jeanne Francis and the Hustle Smarter team to clarify your path to growth, build core processes for scaling and automation, and start delegating.

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I'm Jeanne Francis.
I'm a business architect.

I untangle your operations and build a unique framework of systems, processes, and tools that replaces the uncertainty and overwhelm with predictable profit and ease. This is your business architecture.

Together we design and build the pieces of your business so they work together to bring you qualified prospects who can't wait to become long-term customers.

I've been building and optimizing companies large and small from the inside out since 1998. From the bleeding edge of internet tech to boardrooms at IBM to Independent Entrepreneur, I'm on a mission to use what I know to help you close the gaps between your strategy and your results.

I combine proven business principles employed by billion-dollar corporations with the agility and speed of today’s most powerful online strategies to help entrepreneurs like you achieve business breakthroughs with ease and simplicity.

Because when your business is healthy and running well, you can finally focus on the key parts of your mission and vision only you can do.

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What People Are Saying

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

"Before working with Jeanne and the team at Hustle Smarter, I had ideas...lots of them! They have helped me grow my business more than I could have imagined.

Elena Deutsch

Career Transition Coach

I outgrew myself, honed my skills...I know my next steps and longterm strategy. AND I enhanced my confidence in my business value" 

Katrin Drewes

Product Marketer

"I'm really pleased with Hustle Smarter. Probably using them ~20-30 hours/month and absolutely fantastic leverage.

Sarah Sonnenfeld

Performance Consultant

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