The 15 Minute Myth on Social Media

marketing myths social media startup Jun 14, 2019

“Achieve success on social media in just 15 minutes a day!”

Google “social media 15 minutes” and you’ll find gazillions of sites, videos, slideshows, and more all shouting how in 15 minutes you’ll be the new monarch of social media. It’s certainly true that if you manage your time efficiently, there’s lot you can achieve. There are free tools such as Google Alerts that will find content for you to post about.

By using schedulers like Hootsuite or Buffer, you can schedule updates in advance so you don’t have to keep stopping what you’re doing to write the next hourly post. There are even tools that will tell you who to follow and unfollow on Twitter.


Does “success in 15 minutes” on social media sound too good to be true? Good. Because you’re right. It is.


The first thing is to define what you regard as “success on social media”. If your only objective is broadcasting content, then 15 minutes a day will give it to you. A minimal social media presence is better than no presence, after all. Even a basic Twitter account gives you the ability to offer a customer service channels. But if you’re intending to generate new clients on social media, forget it!


This is where social media has grown. Businesses are no longer impressed by followers, likes and shares. They’re investing in it as both lead and revenue generation. They’re paying for a member of staff to spend over half a day a month promoting their business. So it’s not surprising that many small businesses give up on social media after just a few months because getting real ROI requires an investment.


Just because a shortcut exists doesn’t mean it will take you where you want to go.

What’s really involved in social media management?

Let’s for a minute look at what’s involved in running even the simplest Twitter business account:

  1. Researching ideas for content
  2. Scheduling 3-6 daily updates
  3. Responding to users who have mentioned you
  4. Monitoring Twitter feeds to possible conversation opportunities
  5. Monitoring the metrics to see who has followed / un-followed you
  6. Deciding who to follow back

If you want to build up followers on Twitter and have a meaningful conversation with your audience, all the above is going to take you at least 30-40 minutes a day.  We haven’t even talked about ads, algorithms, videos and image creation…

The truth is, even if you invested an hour a day on social media, you would still struggle.


If you really want results on social media, you need to stop treating it as something that’s free. While it’s claimed that you can get results on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn without spending a penny, you still need someone to manage it all, which means hiring someone or spending your own time. Getting even minimal results will cost at least 3 days a month.


It’s absolutely possible to be a solopreneur and get results on social media. But you’ll need to approach it strategically.

Before embarking on a social media journey, ask yourself the following basic questions:
  1. What do I want to achieve from my activity?
  2. What’s the least I need to do in order to get results?
  3. What will be the financial and time investments?
  4. Based on available resources, what’s the top priority and what can be deferred until further resources are available?
Whatever you do, do it effectively. Better to run a successful project on one social media platform than a mediocre effort spread over several.

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