What Do You Do, Exactly? Getting Clear About Your Business.

How do you explain what you do?

You built your company and know it inside and out. Yet so often when it comes to explaining what you do, it becomes difficult to put into words. Products may be hard to describe and services seem complicated. 


I’ve had moments when I’d start pitching and by the time I finished everyone was confused, including me. Trying to fit in every feature, benefit, mission & vision, and all the wonderful things about my company. But at a basic level, I wasn’t clearly articulating what it is I *do*.

We spend so much time deeply involved with our companies it’s easy to forget that not everyone is familiar with our industry.


There are many formats and formulas for clarifying your business model.

Here are five simple steps to better explaining your business.

Your Company Name

  • Your company and brand are a personality. Introduce them by name. 

What You Sell

  • Be specific about exactly what it is you do with no jargon. Not features and benefits, just the simplest explanation of the work you do.

Who You Sell It to 

  • Your target customer. This helps them say, “that’s me” when they read or hear this description.

The Problem You Solve

  • This reflects your brand promise. What sort of benefit, transformation, or achievement can they expect? 

Why You’re Different

  • This reflects your brand proposition. Leverage your major differentiator. It immediately sets you apart from the competition.

One Sentence Solution

It’s a quick exercise to distill your business statement down to one sentence.

  • Victorious VA provides comprehensive social media management services to online businesses so they can grow their social presence without paying for ads.
  • Marketing Duck sells high-converting lead magnet templates to online business owners so they can attract more email subscribers and turn them into paying customers.
  • Steady Hand creates hand-lettered invitations for trendy event hosts so they can host memorable parties and functions.


Speak your ideas aloud repeatedly.

Describe it to someone in a conversation or a text. Speak it over and over to identify where you can refine it.  Think about street vendors. They spend all day pitching the same product hundreds of times. As a result, they’ve tweaked and refined their pitch to be more effective.

It’s also natural that your business statement will also evolve through the life of your company, besides during this development phase. As your business grows, perhaps your differentiators or targets change, perhaps you refine your niche focus, it’s good to run through this exercise and update your statement.

Don’t worry about selling every feature and benefit, every bell and whistle.
The goal of your business statement is to generate interest and curiosity so you can get a follow-up question. That’s when you’re able to pull in more detail.

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