Grow Your Business Using Sales Funnels

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2019

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is a procedure used by businesses to turn people or strangers into buying customers and new customers into loyal brand advocates. To make it simple, here’s a 4 step breakdown on how it works: 

  • Attract. Using online marketing and social media advertising to attract potential buyers 
  • Convert. Stimulate potential clients into sharing their contact info so you can start nurturing your business relationship. (E.g. email subscriptions) 
  • Close. Encourage potential clients into taking action and become actual customers.
  • Delight. Delight and impress clients to retain their support and make them into advocates of your brand.

How does a Sales Funnel work?

You can determine the sales funnel in different stages that customers go through before they decide to purchase, often called “AIDA”:

  • Awareness. The potential customer becomes aware of the product and services you sell.
  • Interest. Product awareness must turn into excitement so that potential clients are willing to learn about the product and services offered.
  • Desire. Your potential client’s attention must turn into a desire in purchasing or availing your products.
  • Action. The desire should be compelling enough for clients to become actual paying customers.

Knowing where individuals exist in your sales funnel means you can tailor the right marketing message and lead them to the next level. With digital marketing tools and techniques, you can turn each sales funnels from planning to execution. 

Creating a Sales Funnel for Your Business

These days, a sales funnel can be engineered perfectly to catch potential new customers and have them purchase your products efficiently. Impressive, right? Now let’s break it down to seven different stages at a glance:

  • Exposure. Getting their attention is the first step in leading potential clients to your brand. Creating ads on social media is one way to expose your products. Research on the best ways to execute this step.
  • Discovery. After creating awareness, the next stage will take place. Customers are now interested in knowing more about your products so positioning your brand as a solution to a specific problem is essential.
  • Conversion. When customers understand their needs and problems, it’s time to turn them into a lead. It means a client has expressed an interest in what you are selling. 
  • Consideration. After turning a client into your lead, enticing him to purchase your service or product will be the next stage. Turning that interest to desire will seal the deal for you.
  • Close. At this point, it’s time to close your sale. Increase and highlight their desire for purchasing your product by showcasing positive reviews and impressive product pages.
  • Relationship. Maintain a close relationship with your newly acquired client. You have to make sure you make them into returning buyers.

Advocacy. Turn happy customers into loyal brand advocates. When you keep exceeding your client’s expectations, they will spread the word to their friends.


To make an impact, you have to create noise, form an online connection, earn their trust, and show them that the products you produce are one of a kind.

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