Your Roadmap to Managing Projects for Clients

business client onboarding process project management team Nov 15, 2019

Congratulations! You have officially signed your client, closed a deal, and sealed your project. How do you start managing projects for clients? Your team is your answer. But here comes the hard part — executing plans and beating deadlines while managing your teams and the projects. Where do you start? 


Here’s a walkthrough of everything you need to take care of when you are managing projects for clients:

1. Overall project management

In this segment, we will break it down into two categories to fully understand the daily and weekly tasks needed. In scheduling internal deadlines, try to be at least one to two weeks ahead of the actual deadline.

Daily Task
  • Keep track of urgent tasks. Doing this daily will avoid future missed deadlines. 
  • Follow up tasks that are delivered late. Find out what is causing the delays and find an immediate solution.
  • Examine your team’s workload thoroughly. You do not want to overwork one team member with a task for 5 people.
  • Reassign workloads for members that have finished their tasks to make the process faster.
Weekly Tasks
  • Provide an update to your team and management every week. This way you will have full transparency on where you are with your timeline.
  • Give your clients a weekly update.
  • Remind clients when project-related deadlines are coming up.
  • Observe the week ahead for any roadblocks or potential mishaps.

2. Schedule meetings ahead of time

Giving out feedback and discussing the week’s work will help progress your project. Make sure to make calendar meetings for the following:
Team Meetings
  • Publish meeting dates ahead of time so team members can block their calendars.
  • Allow participants to jot down meeting agendas in advance.
  • Create minutes of the meeting list accessible for everyone.
  • Transfer the tasks needed to the project management team as soon as the meeting ends.
Client Meetings
  • Prepare a progress report to show during client meetings.
  • Discuss any changes, updates, and concerns that need to be addressed right away.
  • Record the minutes of the meeting to know where you left off for the next client meeting.
  • Be transparent with your clients.


3. Handling inconsistency

It is perfectly normal to meet exceptions along the way. Big projects require more significant responsibility and here are some tips on handling them:

  • Address the effect of missed deadlines. Do this daily.
  • Control your client’s expectations as early and as often as possible.
  • Document and record procedure on how to handle sudden client upsurge.
  • Document and record procedures on how to handle emergency and rushed client requests.
  • Have a contingency plan in case of a crisis.


4. Continued client care

After closing a deal with a client, make sure you continue to show care and attention even after landing a project. This way, clients will recommend your firm/team. Here are a few suggestions on showing support:

  • Do not miss out on sending timely greetings during Holidays.
  • Create a reminder on your calendar for your client’s birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Celebrate your milestones together to show appreciation.
  • Stay connected, don’t let a week go by without an update.
  • Show your loyalty to your clients by supporting their ventures as well.


Project management is a challenge for even the most competent entrepreneurs. The critical thing to remember is that every task has a deadline, and managing the outputs will hold the key to your company’s success.

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