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What’s Branding Doing To Your Sales?

branding marketing sales Jul 19, 2019

What’s branding vs marketing? How do they work together to generate sales? Can my brand hurt my sales?

When we’re getting started in business, the difference between branding and marketing seems incredibly vague. It can be even harder to see how the whole machine works together to create a relatable brand that sells.
I believe that while branding and marketing are very different, they’re also completely connected and dependent on each other. It’s difficult to market a brand that doesn’t fulfill its positioning.
Your positioning? That’s branding.
Positioning can be thought of as the brand promise. It’s the expectation of fulfillment by the target market. This is how and what you sell. Who and what you’re about. This is the process where you establish the core of your business, which is why it always comes first.
Does your company/product meet the expectations you’ve set? How are those expectations communicated? How are they reinforced?
The reinforcement? That’s marketing.
Marketing can be many things, but at the core, it’s about tactics. It’s the How. Actionable things like communication, promotion, advertising, public relations, and events. Opportunities to reinforce the impression of your brand promise.

What’s Branding vs Marketing

  1. Branding gives the positioning, the promise. Marketing provides the efforts to deliver.
  2. Branding is the foundation and should precede any marketing efforts.
  3. Brand is how people perceive and feel about your company/product. Marketing is focused on identifying, educating, attracting and persuading.

Brand promise. Marketing tactics.

This is a very simple breakdown of a complex subject but it’s hopefully a bit of a Rosetta Stone for translation as you learn more about both.
It’s easy to get carried away with explanations, detail, and examples… going too deep down the whole Marketing/Branding rabbit hole can make anyone’s eyes gloss over.  Especially when their only priority is: so how does this help me improve sales?

What’s Branding Got To Do With My Sales?

It helps by building a relationship using the same process as we build relationships with people. We get to know them, we feel we can trust what they’re about, we consider them a positive resource. Pairing the two in their most basic functions will put you on the right track to building this type of relationship with your brand and supporting marketing, which improves sales, often in both quality and quantity.
Can you describe your Brand Promise?
What marketing tactics are you using to support that promise and how?

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