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Do I Really Need a Sales Funnel?

Strategic sales funnels help a business identify how they will get a hold of their audience’s attention, overcome objections, improve engagement, and make more sales.

An effective sales funnel system helps you guide qualified prospects through the sales process so they don’t just buy from you but become loyal customers.


Get Attention

This is where you first make your target audience aware of your business. There’s a good chance they don’t know about you at all so establishing a strong introduction is a crucial first step. This is done by positioning ads where your target market will see them, publishing press releases, writing keyword-rich blogs, and live events like webinars. The goal is to encourage your prospects to trade their engagement, like an email address or social follow, for a value proposition, a lead magnet, because they’re interested in what you have to say.


Keep Them Interested

Your prospect has now joined your email list/social media and you need to keep their interest by providing more value. You want to teach them more about your products and services and how what you offer is the right solution for the problem they’re facing. While the content material you send might still be in the same format as the Attention stage, (blog posts, eBooks, videos, etc.), the information you send in this phase should be more specific and relevant.



By this point, your prospect is aware they need help but they’ll need more information to decide if you are the best solution. This requires trust. Getting personal with your audience at this point helps them understand how your product or service is the right way to address they’re challenges.  Grow trust with consultation calls, webinars, product demos, and testimonials from other customers who can sing praises about you and the positive results of working with you.



Your prospect has decided to purchase a solution to their problem. They now need to decide exactly what they need and will make comparisons on price and value. This is where you are the major differentiator. The content you’ve produced, all the blog posts and newsletters et al. make the biggest impression on your prospect at this point. Keep this in mind when creating them so you stand out as an expert!



At this stage, you’ve moved into the conversion process. This is an active step where you’re telling your prospect you’re the best possible way to solve their problem. You’ll do this with a variety of content like focused reports, one on one webinars, free or low cost consultations. Including limited time offers and discounts encourage them to purchase now.



Congratulations! You made the sale!  But the funnel isn’t finished; it starts all again. The customer needs to be aware of your other solutions and be moved into new funnels for upsells and repeat business. Someone who has purchased from you once is much more likely to purchase from you again because of the work put into these initial stages. Putting them into an Existing Customer funnel is where you’ll help them become spokespeople for your business based on the trust you’ve built and their satisfaction with your help.


With this outline, you can build a prospect sales funnel and once you engage an automation process, lead generation and closing become a breeze.


An effective sales funnel can put several different aspects of your marketing on autopilot and consistently convert qualified leads. 

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