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Strategic Development is for entrepreneurs who have realized it's impossible to build a healthy, thriving business out of tricks, hacks, and your wits.

It’s for those who are ready for a clear path to doing business better.

Because you don’t want to waste any more time on shiny objects or trial and error.
It's for those who are ready to push their limits and create the business they love.

Because the business you're trying to build does not come out of a box.

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Get laser-focus on what you need to do and when to make real traction on your goals without any more guessing

Entrepreneur Evolution is an ongoing learning membership for online service providers, OBMs, VAs, SMM, Coaches, Digital Marketers, and similar.  It's designed to take the confusion and overwhelm out of growing your business.

More than how-to tutorials. You'll gain a better understanding of your business, how it works, and how to make it succeed.

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There's a big market offering The Perfect Solution to Your Dream Business.

And every single person in this market has a fast, easy way to solve the loudest pain point you've got right now.

Which is fantastic because what we really want, at the deepest level, is to make complicated things easier.

It seems like a pretty simple wish but that's not what you find when you look for how to put all those superstar marketing/social/sales/etc strategies together into a functional business.

You find more tips, tricks, and hacks. Bits and pieces that solve only bits and pieces of the problem.

But without those bits and pieces you'd be REALLY lost, right? Parts of a map are better than no map at all, yeah?

Well, no.
When you've only got parts of the map, you can do one of three things (and none of them are helpful):
  • Buy more map pieces: (courses, downloads, templates etc) and continue struggling to figure out where you are - This includes the hours spent reverse engineering other people's lightning in a bottle...
  • Do nothing and sit, hoping someone finds you.

I'm 100% guilty of all three. That's how I know your brain is so full and tired from trying to solve this puzzle. 

The reason none of the resources out there are helping you is because
you've outgrown them

There's so much How-To but not enough How It All Works Together.

You need the map. Not more pieces.

But out-of-the-box strategies will not work for intermediate+ businesses. At this stage, you need to be applying your business skills and creating custom strategies tailored to your unique needs, goals, and drivers.

You know you must take off the training wheels if you want a to crush your biggest goals and beyond.

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Learn to build an impact-based business you love   

Entrepreneur Evolution walks you step-by-step through the growth and development of your virtual service business. From your first idea to your six-figure goals and beyond.

This simple, clear 3-step process is easy to apply wherever you are in your business so you can start making tangible progress right away.

This is the exact process I use to remove guesswork, lost time, lost money, and general chaos from daily life for me and my clients.

No more building your business through hope or trial and error.

Learn to self-diagnose what you need right now

...and the step after that, and after that one too.

No more guessing or depending on tricks from people who know nothing about your business.

Use the six stages of your Entrepreneur Life Story to know WHAT to do and WHEN.

This is how you'll APPLY what you know and choose the right strategies and tactics for YOUR GOALS.

Your Entrepreneur Life Story Infographic
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No More "Best Guess" Business Tactics


  • Over SIX HOURS of video content in easy-to-digest lessons to give you a clear strategic vision for where you are and where you want to go.
  • Templates That TeachTM: More than fill-in-the-blank, these guides are designed to give you a deeper understanding of what you're doing and why.
  • Step-by-step project guides for launches, campaigns, funnels, and more without confusion, aligned with your current Lifecycle stage.
  • A private community to grow your networking skills, ask questions, try new things, and push your limits with like-minded women.
  • Monthly Community Q&A Office Hours. Hang out with me, my team, and small business industry guests each month to ask questions and talk shop. 
Start Today for $97/month


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Step 1: ASSESS


  • Six-module core fundamentals of small business development.
  • This is how to stop wondering what you should be doing and when.

Always start where you are! This is the secret key you've been looking for to untangle where to focus.

Because you don't need more information.

You need to apply your information in the right ways and times to get the results you want.

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Step 2: APPLY

The HOW:
  • Tutorials and resources for high impact tasks at every stage.
  • Incl. branding, social media, automation, messaging, pricing offers, funnels, and more.

You've assessed where you are and what needs your focus first. Time to choose your tactics with purpose and intention.

I'm sharing my secret vault of best practices, tools, and resources. These are for every part of your business, like social media, digital marketing, branding, sales, leadership, and more.

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Step 3: ADJUST

  • Private FB Community
  • Monthly Q&A calls with Founder and Mentor, Jeanne Francis and industry guests

Learning anything new takes time, practice, and support. You've got all three with a private community of professional women on the same path and monthly community Q&A calls with me

Entrepreneurship can be tough, especially when you go it alone. You're not alone any more.


  • Ready and willing to dive deep and focus for 30 days on you and your business
  • Willing to co-create your action plan. This program requires full participation (but at your pace, always)
  • Open, committed, and all set to explore a range of possibilities and to make changes in your life/business
  • Prepared to approach and move through any fears and blocks so that you can start creating more of what you want (and dropping the things you don’t want)
  • Enthusiastic about what’s possible for you and your business
YES! This is what I've needed!
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You're learning to uncover the root causes of what's really holding you back right now.

Then, you'll create the personalized resources you need for your unique business to make progress and grow.

You're learning a new strategic approach to your business based on you and what you want to achieve.

Could you benefit from the clear path to growth, profit, and fulfillment in Entrepreneur Evolution?

Stop struggling to sticky-tape together a business out of bits and pieces.

Start your total Entrepreneur Evolution today.

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YES! I am so ready!
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