Host A Room on B2B Women

B2BW is community-driven and we're pleased to offer a stage to women who have value to share and are ready to claim their authority. You're welcome to host any room that brings value to our members. 

For example:

  • Webinar-style teaching
  • Q&A
  • Networking and connection
  • Laser-coaching
  • Panel conversations
Rooms need to fall into one of our four content pillars:


For example...
- Business improvement and results strategies
- Systems, process, & productivity
- Analytics and ROI 


For example...
- Social Media
- Digital Marketing
- Sales & funnels
- Messaging, copy, & SEO
- Design


For example...
- Financial literacy, taxes, and accounting
- Contracts & Business Structure, (LLC, etc...)
- Trademark & copyright


For example...
- Mindset, purpose, and alignment
- Delegation and teams
- Collaboration, networking, & partnership


Your B2BW Audience: Rooms are private to our hand-curated Club audience of business builders to encourage niche conversations with existing virtual and brick & mortar business owners. You won't be presenting to newbies, not-yet entrepreneurs, or network marketers. 

  • We want you to build your professional audience and influence as you make authentic connections. Presenting your service, product, or offer is fine. Spam and aggro "dude-bro" sales tactics are not allowed. There are other spaces for that type of pitching. We promote consultative sales.

Best Practices and Suggestions

  1. Make your room name specific Include who you're trying to reach and what the room is about. (For example, SEO for Service Providers. Is Blogging Dead for Coaches. Digital Marketer Connect & Collaborate, etc...)
  2. Be Prepared: B2BW rooms are small and intimate. Decide the topics you want to talk about, make a guest list to invite. Be certain any mods or guest speakers are members of B2BW (Click Here For The Membership Form) 
  3. No recording at this time Yes it's allowed on CH but there are best practices and legalities around it. We'd like to have a solid, approved process in place to do it right. Stay tuned.

Instructions To Host Your Room

  1. Fill out the form below to host a room. 
  2. Add the B2B Women Admin @b2bwomen on Clubhouse as a speaker (so we can find your room in the schedule)

B2B Women Room Host Application

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