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Supercharged custom strategy and mentoring is for the busy entrepreneur who’s taking names and making moves.

It’s for those who don’t have a lot of bandwidth for group programs or courses, but who still want expert perspective and smart outside strategy for getting to the next level.  

Most of all, it’s for those who want to get creative with that next level.

The business owners who aren’t excited by merely growing what they’ve already mastered, but who crave the challenge of innovating new, complementary offers that highlight their expertise and position them as thought leaders.

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Get unstuck and on track with a week of impact-based mentoring focused solely on you and your business

Entrepreneur Jumpstart is an exclusive event where we work together 1:1 on what is most present and important for you and your business or career right now. You get four 2-hour sessions of intensive, focused and conscious coaching, visioning, and planning – and one-one-one private access to all I have to offer as a coach, strategist and consultant. This week-long VIP event is personalized to you and your work. So, what do you want? Let’s make it happen!

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We’ve got time to dig deep into root causes but not to get stuck

We'll move quickly and efficiently - and I'll teach you the why's as well as how-to.

We look at your business together and come up with small shifts as well as bigger changes you can make to help you create the business you want – quicker. Together, we will work to identify what you’re doing right and where there’s room to add more value, change the lives of your ideal client and re-excite you about your business.

You’ll complete Entrepreneur Jumpstart with a unique roadmap that gives you more focus, clarity, and momentum toward your biggest goals.


  • Clarity on where you’re headed and why. You’ll be reconnected to your vision and you’ll know what your next steps are 
  • A doable 90 day step by step plan on what actions to take and when. This will likely be in the form of visual notes we’ve created together, and will be completely customized to you (no off the shelf solutions here)
  • Resources, checklists, and templates-that-teach so you can get straight onto getting big results for your business.
  • The confidence that comes with being heard, seen, appreciated, and empowered professionally and personally.


Together, we'll uncover the root causes of what's really holding you back right now. Then we'll create the personalized resources you need for your unique business to move forward.


  • A personal development roadmap - what you need to succeed in your business
  • Thought leadership strategies (speaking, workshops and live events, writing, social media)
  • Who your ideal client really is (and what you can offer them that will be an answer to their prayers)
  • All of your product and service offerings
  • A process and plan for raising your profile, increasing your visibility and reaching more people
  • Tools and strategies to increase your confidence and ability to lead your business with ease

It's about what YOU need!


  • About 6 weeks after your final session, we schedule a call to go over any questions and fine-tune your action plan. I’m also available for emails and short messenger chats.
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  • Ready and willing to dive deep and focus the entire day on you and your business
  • Willing to co-create your action plan. This day requires full participation (but at your pace, always)
  • Open, committed, and all set to explore a range of possibilities and to make changes in your life/business
  • Prepared to approach and move through any fears and blocks so that you can start creating more of what you want (and dropping the things you don’t want)
  • Enthusiastic about what’s possible for you and your business


  • Each 2-hour session is scheduled ahead of time. They can be at the same time each day or the days and times that work best for you during that week. All sessions must be within those five days.
  • In each session, we confirm our approach for the day and get any urgent issues out on the table
  • The exploration begins – we look at all the different parts of your business: your market, your offerings, your marketing, your goals, your lifestyle, your vision, your hopes and dreams. I ask a lot of clarifying questions as well as offering ideas and input as I feel they’ll be most helpful to you.
  • By the time we finish the first two sessions, we usually have the key ingredients for your best action plan for moving forward on the table and the outline for your 90 day plan. These ingredients include optimum ways for you to leverage your vision and why you went into business in the first place, along with the practical realities of making it happen
  • The second two sessions are when we drill down to the details of your 90 day plan. We’ll use visual tools and any other tools we need to map out all the details of your strategy and how to optimize based on your results
  • Breaks between sessions are intentional. It’s important to take this time out to re-energize and allow space and time for additional ideas and inspiration.


  • Desires & Goals Questionnaire - An in-depth goal setting set of questions that have incredible results
  • Short, laser-focused sessions that get to the core of your biggest obstacles- You'll be amazed how much we cover! Strategies, practical steps and shortcuts to help you achieve your goals.
  • A 45 minute follow-up call - Powerful accountability and support to help keep you on track and accelerating towards your goals.
  • I'll share with you the behind-the-scenes tools I use to save you money and time in creating your profitable business.


Sessions are virtual via Zoom. I usually work with one person at a time, but if you have a business partner or a significant other who is involved in your business, we can do a 2:1 session.

I offer no more than 4 Jumpstart spots per month. This is a sustainable number of sessions for me to offer – they take a lot of energy, as I give you and make available to you all that I have – my skills, my expertise and experience, my background, my instincts, my recommendations (and reasons). Put your brain in sponge mode!

Could you and your business benefit from the VIP strategy & coaching in Entrepreneur Jumpstart?

Get in touch and let's chat.

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